What is Saddle-stitch binding?

Saddle-stitch booklets are several folded sheets of paper that are bound and stapled together, usually with 2 staples. Because one folded sheet is 4 pages (front and back of the sheet), a saddle-stitched booklet must have a multiple of 4 pages, including the cover pages. Saddle-stitch is the most comon binding method as it is the most affordable. You can explore other binding options like Perfect bind or Wire Coil or even Square Bind which is a variation of Saddle-stitch.

The uses of Saddle-stitch binding

Saddle-stitch is mostly used for booklets, pamphlets, menus, magazines etc... Depending on the quality you want to give the booklet, you can change the paper weight to be more or less heavy. Typically, a heavier paper gives a better feel / quality than a lighter paper booklet. If you are unsure about the paper you need contact us by giving us a call or chatting with us!

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