What is Square binding?

Square bound booklets are several sheets of paper that are bound and stapled together, just like Saddle-stitch. Square bind shares a lot of similarities with Saddle-stitch as we use 2 staples to bind the sheets together. And because of that, a page count multiple of 4 is also required. The difference comes with the fact that we square out the bind edge in order for the booklet to ressemble a Perfect bound booklet. It is particularly effective in booklets with more than 32 pages. You can explore other binding options like Perfect bind or Wire Coil or even regular Saddle-stitch if your booklet contains less than 32 pages.

The uses of Square binding

Square bind is mostly used for booklets, pamphlets, menus, magazines etc... Containing more than 32 pages total. Depending on the quality you want to give the booklet, you can change the paper weight to be more or less heavy. Typically, a heavier paper gives a better feel / quality than a lighter paper booklet. If you are unsure about the paper you need contact us by giving us a call or chatting with us!

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