Perfect Bind

What is Perfect binding?

Perfect Bind booklets are several folded sheets of paper, bounded and glued together. For the glue to be more efficient and hold the inside pages, we recommend a heavier cover. Perfect Bind gives a better feel and finish to the end-product thanks to it's thicker cover pages. Also, it will lay flat, when closed on a surface and will not have the "bend" you may see with higher page count Saddle-Stitch booklets.

Perfect for...

Perfect Bind is mostly used for higher page count booklets, catalogs, magazines. It is the most expensive binding method, but it also gives the best results. So if you are looking for a "Porsche" booklet, go for Perfect Bind!


Use Perfect Bind for higher page count booklets - over 64 pages. You can start with multiple of 4 pages.

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