Jean-Baptiste Perié

Office Manager

The way I see it: « You Customer must too often « choose » between 3 kinds of services: Good, Cheap or Fast.
Specialized in booklets printing, our motto is: you really can pick all these three offers!

Good: we provide new products and use state of the art printing equipment, both digital and offset.

Fast: we deliver in 4 business days all over the USA.

Cheap: Fair prices, Free shopping on all orders. »

« Efficiency and profitability are key imperatives for success in today's printing world. At Booklets Print, the whole team is firmly customer focused: No 60% OFF but, in fact, limited to $500! Instead of weasel deals, we prefer fair prices right from the start, on average 20% less than our competitors. Moreover, on our website, you may negotiate the price of a certain group of products . The price you see is the price you pay at the end! We don't confuse you with delivery time and turnaround And we guarantee all that! It's definitely more advantageous to add value than lower prices. Above all, we strive to serve each customer's challenge. So, we are highly reactive to satisfy both your budget and tranquility. »
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Not familiar with indesign?

Thanks to our advanced customization's templates,
you can very easily customize your booklet to your own tastes.


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«  Receive exactly what you are hoping for  »

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Prepress Operator

Unbeatable in managment of flat plans and production follow up, advising you every step of the way or helping you design the booklets that fits your needs.
W: +1(888) 850-2816 x103

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« I wasn't sure what to expect from an online printer that advertises « Cheap printing ». The end result was AMAZING ! I couldn’t have asked for anything better. »

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