Depending on the delivery time you selected at checkout, you will receive your order in 6 business days (Standard) or 4 business days (Express). If you are in NYC metro area, the Express delivery becomes 3 business days.
Yes, send an e-mail to if you want your delivery to be scheduled later.
Yes, all shipments are blind shipped
Yes, however this will add a cost to the order, please e-mail contact us if you need several delivery addresses.
Per our risk-free policy, if the booklets have manufacturing defects or were damaged during shipping, we will offer a reprint or a full refund of the order. Please be aware that the content of the booklet is not covered by this policy (ie. typos for example). Also, while our color reproduction is reasonably good, we cannot guarantee an exact match.
As soon as possible in accordance to your delivery date. The cut-off time for file approval is 10am PST
Once your order is shipped by the plant, we will send you a tracking number.
Square bind is a variation of saddle stitch.
The difference between them is that the square bound booklets have had their bound-edges formed into a square/rectangular shape
As a result, square bound booklets resemble perfect bound booklets..
All else being equal, a perfect bound booklet is more expensive to manufacture than a square bound booklet.
Saddle-stitch is less expensive than perfect bind,
We don't charge extra for square binding so it's an inexpensive way to get the look of perfect binding without the cost of perfect binding.
You do have to layout your artwork slightly differently if you are using square binding vs. saddle-stitch
Our minimum order quantity is 50 copies
Yes, please contact us for a custom quote.
By definition, the more you order, the lower the cost per unit. That is because our set-up costs are fixed costs.
It depends on your preference. Usually, for booklets with more then 32 pages we recommend using the square binding method.
Yes, all our orders are printed on offset presses.
Yes, we send you a soft-proof pdf that you need to approve before the delivery time starts. We do not offer hard-copy proofs.
Please refer to the link: file set up to familiarize with the technicals.
If you have any question, you can contact our prepress department
We prefer having pdf files. Refer to the page page set-up (link) on how to export/output a pdf with the correct parameters.
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