Beware of deceitful discount!

For example, some online printers promise you 70% OFF for booklets order but in fact this offer is capped at $500!
No doubt that is why so many coupons codes are clearly classified unpopular !
What offer do you prefer? A false promise of 50% OFF or fair prices 30% less than most of our competitors?
Compare apples with apples

You detect a good price... What consideration have you given to delivery time? Please, take the time to compare the products, services and prices with ours if you want to be sure to benefit from a great deal.
At Booklets Print, every price is free shipping and we offer low cost booklets printing with regards to the timing of delivery. Check it
Be aware of additional cost

Too many on-line customers,  while they go through the check-out process, are always on their guard about that hidden fee that will pop up out of nowhere!

At Booklets Print, the price you see is the price you will pay at the end. It’s Guaranteed !

We are not just faster and cheaper: all orders are FREE SHIPPING!

What will the minimum price be?

Better than a simple deal, you can negotiate a lower price on selected products

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Lower and faster… how it works?

Our fair prices are not at the cost of quality ! From the first demand to the well-protected packaging that arrives on your door, we have optimised our production processes
As an offset and digital printer, we tailor methodologies to meet any expectations.
Thanks to our H-Uv innovative System, we get shorter total turnaround time to deliver faster at lower cost!


Amazing Customer Service

Isaac Danna

This was my firts time ordering book with Booklets Print and it definitely will not be the last. They walked me through every step of the way. The end result is a product I am proud of, I am so proud of the product, I am actually going to raise the prices because of the quality. FIVE STARS