All shipping is currently done via UPS​. Here at Bookletsprint, we do not talk about turnaround time but only delivery time. This means that when we say that you will get your order in 4 business days, you will actually get it​ in 4 business days, it will not be ​shipped ​in 4 business days.

When choosing between Standard delivery​ (6 business days) or ​Express delivery​ (4 business days) please remember that a business day does not include week­ends or holidays and does not include the day UPS picked up the package(s). However, if an order is approved before 10am PST, then the first business days is the same day.
For example​: An Express order is placed Monday before 10am PST, and the proof is approved by the client ​before ​10am PST. The client will receive the order Thursday. Now a Standard order is placed Monday but ​after 10am PST, the client will receive the order next Tuesday (week +1).

New-­York Special​ is only available to customers in New­-York City and certain other NY and NJ zip code, the delivery time is 3 business days. Please contact us to know if your zip code is eligible for a New-York special delivery