Booklets Print was founded in 1957 in Halluin (France) and since then our brand operates mainly in the USA, Belgium, Poland, and Italy. Our company is one of the most progressive and innovative online print companies, focussing on the business needs of the SME market. Leaders in innovation and technology, our teams attend the major global expos and conferences to stay at the forefront of the printing industry and to ensure we supply with the latest in product innovation, technology, and technical expertise. We are always prepared to offer customized solutions.

Furthermore, with our printing plants located in France and Poland, we can provide competitive pricing to our customers, advanced printing technology and delivery in 4 business days. We work in partnership with clients from a wide range of sectors to deliver creative cost-effective solutions. The capacity to build a dialogue with customers and to be prepared in any situation is nowadays a key feature for our firm aiming to operate on the international markets.

“Get more, pay less” is our motto. It is 100% guaranteed! We specialize in brochures, but you can also ask us for other requests at quote@bookletsprint.com.

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When you order through Booklets Print,
your files go through a pre-flight process where our prepress operators check the artwork
for any issues that would prevent them from being printed at the highest quality.

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