Wire'O binding


What are we talking about?

A Wire'O or Wire Coil is a booklet made up of several sheets of paper bound together with a plastic or metal spiral. Wire’O is excellent for booklets needing to be read flat. This binding enable you to choose as many pages as you want in your booklet, it offers a wide range of options. Plus it doesn’t have to be a multiple of 4 as the wire’o booklets is made up of single 2 sided-sheets.

Ideal for...

The Wire’O is perfect for calendars, easels calendars, exercise manuals or even work books. This type of binding makes it easier to read both pages when opened. A large choice of paper is available. We recommend you to use paper that is thick enough to avoid curled pages. Ideally, we recommend an inner paper of 80lb or more.


Metal binding or plastic spiral? The metal binding works well for calendars, annual reports and presentations. The plastic binding is ideal for guides, manuals or cookbooks.

We recommend choosing a thicker paper for the cover paper for documents such as manuals, directories, agendas. Usually, we recommend choosing +65lb cover paper and +80lb inner text paper.

If you have any doubts about the most appropriate type of binding, feel free to contact us.

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